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A Vintage Inspired Boys Bedroom

  I've been meaning to create this post for a long, long time, but I was going to do it when the room was 'finished' so I kept waiting. And waiting. It's like I've learned nothing about myself over the years. I'm always rearranging, adding, subtracting, pondering (repeat). Nothing is ever, ever even close to finished. But for now I've done as much as my very restricted budget will allow so I figured 'good enough' will have to do (my inner perfectionist had a hard time typing that sentence). There are so many things I still want to do with it. Top priority is a new bed base for Jude. The one he currently has is on wheels and no matter where I place it in the morning, it's somewhere else entirely by the end of the day. In my mind it'll be an antique, wooden sleigh bed, like the ones I see all the time on Pintrest. But they are extremely hard to come by where I live and weekly scours of second hand shops and FB Marketplace have, thus far, come

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