My I Spy: D


D is for:

Or not. They love going to ballet. Love it. But some days (like, you know, every day) Fox refuses to do anything unless it is his idea. When I suggest he gets dressed he refuses. When I suggest he wear his underpants, not his nappy, he refuses (even though he hates nappies). When I suggest he put his shoes on he refuses. And when we are finally out the door and halfway to ballet he decides that he has changed his mind, turns around, and starts walking home. Just to make sure I know it's entirely his decision.

My I Spy: C


C is for:

He hardly ever naps anymore. But occasionally, when the excitement of the day has worn him down, when the warm afternoon sun is streaming in through the lounge room window and when daddy's belly is soft and inviting he just. can't. resist.

My I Spy: B

B is for

B is for:

Bitter baby brother. I'm catching up with Pip's 'My I Spy' over on the Meet Me at Mikes blog. I thought it was a good idea, a letter of the alphabet every week, plus I need something to help get me out of my photography rut.