LAMB: Here you are waiting by the window for Nanny to come and collect you. I always look forward to Wednesday afternoons when I have time to myself, but as soon as you're gone I stumble around the house feeling a bit disorientated. I feel superfluous when you're not around. What did I do before I had kids again? I surely had more time, energy and money and what I did with these things seems frivolous now. When you return to me in the evenings (usually fast asleep on Nanny's shoulder) I realise just how much I've missed you. I tuck you into bed and, feeling a little bit like a stalker, lie down next to you and watch you sleeping. I watch your eyes flutter and wonder what you are dreaming of. I watch the gentle rise and fall of your chest and note how calm and angelic you look. Once more peace returns to my universe. Until you wake up, that is.