LAMB: I was sitting in the car with my mum today, you were (praise Jesus) fast asleep in the back after a long day of tantrums and demands. Sensing my tired, dejected, end-of-my-tether vibes mum turned to me and said “it’s okay, she won’t be two forever” then added with a air of just-you-wait irony, “Soon she will be three!”. It’s true, having a toddler will push you to the edge of sanity and back. It will make you reevaluate what you thought was the ‘right’ and ‘wrong’ way to be a good parent. It will shove all your ideals and everything you thought you knew about yourself into the shredder then leave you to frantically attempt to reassemble the pieces. But after all that it will teach you about compassion, compromise, humility, resilience and self-restraint. Most importantly you will understand your full capacity to love – this is the greatest gift you have given to me. I only hope that one day you will be blessed with a self-absorbed, defiant, stubborn, rebellious, beautiful toddler too.