LAMB: After my twenty week ultrasound we asked the technician to write down the baby's gender on a piece of paper so that we could look at it later. All three of us went to a cafe across the road, we sat down, ordered tea then I took the piece of paper out of my bag. I was the first to see what was written and I think daddy knew the verdict straight away just from the look of shock on my face. First and foremost the baby was healthy and I was so, so thankful for that but I have to admit I really wanted you to have a sister. I think partly because I love and adore my own sister so much and I wanted you to have that same close relationship. On the way home all I could think was "A boy? What does one do with a boy?" but after a few days the shock wore off and I came around to the idea. Now, as I sit here typing this, it seems silly to me that it was ever an issue. I'm glad you are having a baby brother and I'm so looking forward to you meeting him for the first time. You will be a wonderful big sister.