LAMB: When I was pregnant with you I would often daydream of what you would be like. Both your father and I are quite shy and reserved, so naturally I pictured a timid little girl hiding behind Mummy's legs. Nothing could prepare me for what I got. You are such an exuberant little ball of personality and extroversion. You do have your shy moments but you love nothing more than to make noise - lots of noise. You went over to your Aunty's place this afternoon and as soon as you exited the door an eerie stillness and quiet descended upon the house. It made me uneasy. I swear, I could hear your Dad breathing in the next room. Even the screams of a newborn cannot compete with your bellowing dramatics.


FOX: My little man. I'm afraid to say that you are balding. And the little hair that remains affixed to your scalp is too short to be arranged into an effective comb-over. It would have looked rather cute though.