LAMB: You and Daddy set up a pretend shop in the laundry this afternoon. You are actually embarrassingly good at being a shopkeeper. I came to your shop window with my basket and asked if you were open, you confirmed that you were. I eyed your selection of products and inquired how much the dinosaur was, you said it was two dollars (because according to you everything costs two dollars - if only). I considered this for a moment and then said "I'll have the dinosaur please". "Of course!" you replied, then held out your hand "two dollars pweese". I handed you my plastic money and you fetched the dinosaur then deposit my money into your cash register, all the while humming to yourself merrily. After putting my purchase and my change into my basket I asked if you had the time, you looked at you wrist for a moment then said "two o'clock" (because apparently it is always two o'clock).


  1. Two oclock is a very good time of the day

  2. Lol, this is too cute :b

  3. Uh oh... won't be too long and she'll be doing something like this:


    Kids are so awesome... :-)

    LOVE YOU dear sister... <3


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