I didn't take a photo yesterday ( 303/365 ) for the first time in a long time. Not even on my iPhone. Instead, I was curled up in bed, hugging a bucket. While I can't remember the last time I felt so sick, at least it gave me a bit of time to think about the future of this blog. A few people have asked me what I'm going to do when I get to 365. The thought of doing another 365 next year fills me with both excitement and terror. On the one hand I'm amazed at how much I have grown as a photographer and I am so proud of myself for sticking at something for so long. On the other hand I think my family have had just about enough of a camera being stuck in their faces every, single day. And some days (like yesterday) I just don't feel like it. One thing is for certain, If I do decide to go ahead I want to be more of an 'observer'. It's hard for me to relinquish control and just go with it but I much prefer the more candid, documentary style of photography and I think that is one area that I need to improve in. Plus, my poor Lamb is sick to death of being told where to stand and of mummy saying "just one more, just one more". And so am I. I just love plonking one or both of them on the bed in front of a plain white wall (I've always been a minimalist) and sitting back and documenting them play. Some of my favourite photos from this project were taken that way. I could do '356 on a bed in front of a wall'. Can't get much more minimalist than that.

Another idea I have been toying with is for Lamb to do her own 365 project - a few weeks ago I found her a kids digital camera at the op-shop and she just loves taking photos with it. The only thing is I don't want her to feel like it's a chore. Perhaps we will do a Lamb 52 project.

We will see.....