Twenty Thirteen

Boy, what a year. What. A. Year. Two thousand and thirteen: the year my son was born and without a shadow of a doubt the busiest, most spectacular year of my life. I can still remember, on this very same day one year ago, standing, swollen-bellied, watching Lamb bounce on the bed and taking the very first photo. I didn’t really believe that I had it in me to continue this project to the very end. I thought I’d be lucky to last a month or two. But I did it, and proved myself wrong.

One thing I never expected was that other people would take an interest in this humble little blog of mine. I was (and continue to be) astounded by the number of beautiful, kind, generous people out there. So, thank you for taking part in our journey and for all your kind comments and support over the year.

Most of all I’d like to thank my children for putting up with mummy sticking various cameras in their faces every single day. And last but certainly not least, my adoring, supportive husband. I’m sure there were many occasions when he felt like breaking my camera in half (if that is even possible) but he was always willing to help me out or to wait patiently while I ‘got the shot’.

Here are a few ( well.... a hundred ) of my favourite images from the last year: