Lamb's Christmas Wishlist

Lamb's Chirstmas Wishlist

Lamb's Christmas Wishlist

1. This adorable little deer necklace to wear with her Christmas outfit.
2. A pink knitted crown to match the blue one on her brother's list. I'm usually not one for the whole blue/pink gender stereotyping thing but Lamb is going through a 'girly' phase so I'm just going to go with it for now.
3. A little ruler for my soon-to-be schoolgirl.
4. Madeline, one of my favourite books from my own childhood.
5. The perfect school lunch box for the perfect (fingers crossed) little schoolgirl.
6. Lamb has the matching swimsuit that this doll is wearing. So really, I have no choice.
7. One of the 'definite' items on her Christmas list: roller skates. No childhood is complete without a pair of roller skates and sore knees.
8. This awesome adventure cape to wear on our daily adventures.
9. I love these little hand crafted wooden boats. The perfect toy to pop in our beach bag. But I'm thinking I might have to get two. I can just imagine the heated fights over this one.


  1. Lovely little goodies. I love the cape & Madeline book. I agree that every kid needs a pair of roller skates. x

  2. If you want to get on those skates and take off! Wait a minute. You need to read a few of the most important guidelines for safety for a new skater.


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