Fox's Stocking Stuffers



One: A green santa sack to fill with goodies.
Two:  Why should girls get to have all the fun? Boys need jewelry too! This little handmade bracelet is from Squirrel House.
Three: It's around this time of year, as the weather starts to warm up, that we take to the sea and remain there for the duration of summer. This little towel is perfect to dry off wet, sandy, kissable little water babies.
Four: Socks. The classic Christmas prezzie. Because what man doesn't need socks, right? And little, pint-sized men are no exception.
Five: Fox loves his cars. Cars, trucks and trains are where it's all at right now. Luckily there are a few unoffensive looking car toys out there, like this one.
Six: A little lion bonnet. There is nothing cuter than a wee person dressed as a wee furry creature. Nothing. Unfortunately, you reach a certain age when it's frowned upon to dress up as an animal for no particular reason. Otherwise I would. Everyday.
Seven: This 'nah' pin is just so very him.
Eight: The matching boy reindeer to Lamb's girl reindeer.
Nine: Confession: we have never taken the children camping. I do love camping. But there is something about the thought of camping with our two littles that makes me want to rock back and forth repetitively in a dark corner somewhere. We will go one day. Really, we will. And when we do we will take this red enamel cup with us.

Sleeping in a tent in the lounge room counts as camping, right?


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