19 Weeks


pregnancy diaries:

We had another ultrasound this week and thankfully everything is looking A-OK. We also had confirmation that we are expecting another little man. Lamb wasn't particularly ecstatic about that news, but I think she'll come around. Eventually. Now, for the difficult task of choosing a name. So far Fox has suggested: Sponge, Allergic and Sushi Train. I have some ideas of my own but they are nowhere near as creative Sushi Train (plus, they are actual names). Thankfully, we have another 21 weeks to think about it.


  1. Fox's name suggestions gave me such a giggle! Jarvis's suggesyions have been Princess for a girl and Batman for a boy 😂😂

    1. When I asked him about 'Allergic' he said "Because then he can grow up and be a fire fighter".......????????


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