"And i-e-i-e-i will always love yooou" Actually, I don't know what you're singing - but I bet it's something romantic.


LAMB: We don't usually celebrate Valentine's day, all that stuffs usually for people (mostly teenagers) who have only been going out for a few months and who still feel like they need to impress *scoffs cynically while at the same time tries to swallow her bitterness*. Today, however, we used it as an excuse to go for an outing. We had fish and chips by the sea, played in the water then went to one of our favourite cafes on the way home. I even bought you a pink (surprisingly they were out of red), helium, heart-shaped balloon. To see your joy and excitement with this new novelty fade after six and a half minutes made me feel a little bit foolish for having paid seven dollars for it. By the time we got home both you and Daddy were so exhausted you collapsed together on the couch and fell fast asleep. I can hear Daddy's snoring drifting down the hallway as I type this. Happy Valentine's day my loves.


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    1. Always get that Beatles song stuck in my head when we go there.

  2. These are beautiful Happy Valentines!

  3. Happy Valentines Day! I love the sunglasses! The shadows are a great idea that I just might have to use one day this year!!

  4. She is rocking those sunglasses. ♥

  5. Ha, we don't celebrate Valentine's day either... But I'd have a hard time passing up those heart shaped glasses if they crossed my path...


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