LAMB: I didn't feel much like taking your portrait today after spending most of it in Hospital alone on a drip (due to dehydration, low blood pressure and a mysterious vision problem). But you and Daddy surprised me at the bedroom window while I was resting this afternoon and it gave me just enough energy and motivation to snap this. It made me so happy to see your little smiling face pop up over that windowsill.


  1. heart this. Lamb is just all cuteness! but take care of you. & hang in there. drips in hospitals sounds a bit scary, so really take care of you. xo

  2. I hope you are ok and it looks like you have a good team looking after you!

  3. I found you through Che & Fidel! Your photos are always so gorgeous! I'm so glad that you share the best of your little world with the rest of us!


  4. This last week of pregnancy can be the most challenging, best wishes for a speedy and mama-led birth!


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