243/365 { FOX }


FOX: Your tiny toes felt the cool ocean water today. I'm not entirely sure you liked it. The shock of the icy waves washing over your feet made you whimper a little, so we retreated to a shady spot on the beach were your sister sprinkled sand over your feet and legs. You found this much less confronting.

In other news, you had your first taste of food today - mashed banana. However, I'm not entirely sure you liked this either.


  1. I love the photo of Fox's little tiny feet. So precious. You should take a photo similar in a year and document the change! I would love to see that. They grow up so fast :)

    1. They certainly do grow up fast! I think that's why I'm so driven to document every single day. I don't want to forget anything!

  2. Love those sandy photos! How adorable, and great detailed shots that can be hung on the wall.


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