This week


FOX: I've discovered that every time you get a haircut I need to allow myself at least three days to mourn your curls. We have been lucky thus far, given a bit of time (and occasionally a bit of, cough.... moisturiser) they have always grown back. But it's not something I can count on so I just have to hold my breath and wait. God forbid you start looking more like a little boy than my curly-haired baby. That just wouldn't do.

LAMB: Moments before getting your ears pierced (and being your usual cheeky self). Stop. Growing. Up!


  1. These are great shots. Love the black and white! And I hope my kids have sweet curls, too. So precious!

    1. Thank you. Curls are the best!..... Except when it comes to brushing them.

  2. Heather Burris31 May 2015 at 23:35

    I hate to gush, but your beautiful photos of everyday life have been such an inspiration to me in my photography journey! Keep doing what you do :)


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