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I've been meaning to create this post for a long, long time, but I was going to do it when the room was 'finished' so I kept waiting. And waiting. It's like I've learned nothing about myself over the years. I'm always rearranging, adding, subtracting, pondering (repeat). Nothing is ever, ever even close to finished. But for now I've done as much as my very restricted budget will allow so I figured 'good enough' will have to do (my inner perfectionist had a hard time typing that sentence).

There are so many things I still want to do with it. Top priority is a new bed base for Jude. The one he currently has is on wheels and no matter where I place it in the morning, it's somewhere else entirely by the end of the day. In my mind it'll be an antique, wooden sleigh bed, like the ones I see all the time on Pintrest. But they are extremely hard to come by where I live and weekly scours of second hand shops and FB Marketplace have, thus far, come up empty. But honestly, anything that remains stationary will do. I also fell in love with this wallpaper and I dream of one day adding it to their room, perhaps as a feature wall. But for $176 AUD a roll, I'll have to keep dreaming a little longer.

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Pride of place above the bed is a custom portrait of Fox I commissioned years ago from the amazing illustrator, Loré Pemberton (@lorepemberton) in a frame from Kmart.

Top pillowcase: In Bed

Bottom pillowcase: Society of Wanderers

Duvet cover: Bed Threads (Khaki)

Bear: Senger Naturwelt

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Two special, handmade stuffed toys kept safely in a Small Lot basket backpack.

Pretty, embroidered Apolina blouse from  Mama Owl on a Mustard coat hanger.

Little wooden truck from Such Great Heights .

Toy dustpan and broom set from The Small Folk

Vintage globe, side table and wooden car.

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An original mid century shelf that I scored on FB Marketplace for $30 displays a number of the boy's special keepsakes.

Heico duck lamp from Big Dreams.

Locker from Mustard. I honestly can't get enough of these lockers. I was gifted one years ago and I loved it so much, I went on two purchase three more. As well as the two I have in the boys room there are also two in my daughter's room. They are such great storage solutions.


Cute alphabet magnets also from Mustard.

Little, square photo of Jude printed by Artifact Uprising.


A few of the boy's keepsakes. A jar of marbles, a jar of seaside treasure, a photo of the boys and a collection of prized books. The Winnie the Pooh books have all been lovingly inscribed by my grandmother who passed away last year.


Linen curtains from I Love Linen.

Bed spread from Society of Wanderers.

Velvet throw from Adairs.

Top pillowcase from In Bed.

Bottom pillowcase (Khaki) from Bed Threads.


 I embroidered this banner for Fox's Moonrise Kingdom themed fourth birthday party.


From the time Lamb was tiny we had been a TV free household . In fact, I noticed that one of the first things people would do when they came into our house for the first time, was looking around bewildered and ask, 'Where is your TV?'. That all came to an end in 2020 during the first lock-down. I felt sorry for the kids and Fox's birthday was coming up so, for better or worse, I splashed out on a Samsung Frame. It was the least obnoxious looking TV I could find. And I have to admit, I have fun changing the photos and artwork displayed on it depending on my mood.

Green (Savage Garden) paint from Tint.



This little, yellow basket from Olli Ella holds all of Fox's Xbox and Nintendo controllers. 

Boat ornament, desk and chair are all second hand finds.

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Another Mustard locker. This one we use to store/hide the TV box and Fox's Xbox and games.

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Bear's closet. 

And lastly, Fox's closet...

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    Beautiful! So many thoughtful details. What lucky boys!


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